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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Last year we could beat you with offense and defense. This year it looks like we have lost that ability to go goal for goal on the nights where the defense isn't as good as it should be.

Relying too heavily on defense alone leaves little margin for error. I think the play this season is a regression when viewed in toto.

AS I said, and you just proved, its a low expectation. Last season, we made the playoffs. We need to see progress, and their play this year so far hasnt shown that. So just making the playoffs isnt enough. Even the "vaunted one" himself said that, and the players have echoed it as well.

I've been a fan too damn long to just accept an invite to the party as an achievement where the goal is to bag the prize of the party. If you're ok with one and out, that's fine, . . . for you. Don't worry, there will always be some girls still at the bar at 2:00am. For me, I'm shooting a little bit higher, and won't be satisfied till I hit my mark.

Great as always DHK but I am still confused.

This season to me is an enigma.

We have been better then we had been in years if not ever at times and at times we were as bad as we have been at times.

If the team that is capable of going on these winning streaks where capable of showing up every night then I would be satisfied with our progress to this point.

To me the streaky inconsistent nature of our current line up is where the enigma lies. I am and have been since his hiring opposed to TM's coaching style. I have read the playbook and I just see several areas where I just disagree flat out.

So it would be easy to sit back and blame TM for all of our woes and just be a casual fan waiting for our ultimate collapse so I can come in and say I told you so to any or all of TM's supporters (providing that I were right which is yet to be seen).

But then I also agree with the idea that our team, in its current state simply isn't quite ready yet to make a legitimate cup run based on what DL has been doing since he got here. Yes that is debatable and we won't know the outcome until another year passes in my opinion if not a little longer but again, it is still a matter of conjecture rather or not that DL is ultimately going to be right in his vision on how to lead us to the promised land.

The Oakland A's under their scribe's tendency to hang onto their pending free agents until the season is over and then let them walk for no return makes me believe even more that DL is following the same game plan.

So like I said, to me we are an enigma.

We can either wait and continue to build by hoarding picks and getting them into the line up as soon as they show any ability to be able to play at an NHL level to fill the holes that we already have and that will be coming up during the offseason.

Or we can make a deal to address our most significant need(s) which is also a gamble.

This type of a situation happens with every young team that is building for the future which is what we are at this point.

This is why I still see us as being a year away from becoming legit contenders.

By next season I can see several key young players vying to fill the holes left by any of our departing ufa's and then I believe that before they can honestly compete for a cup that they will need another year of experience at least.

It all makes me even more peeved that DL couldn't have resigned himself to keeping squid. With him on our LW we would have been mostly set imo towards becoming the team that we want to be without having to be all panty bunched about what DL should or shouldn't be doing this deadline.

Toffoli is the real deal but I am one of those people who have seen him play several times who think that he should spend at least half the season in the AHL before making any step towards the bigs if not a little longer.

Vey is closer in my opinion but he too should have to start the season in the AHL before making the jump.

Kozun is under rated by most of us but I see him as being ready to step in and play as a utility forward. His hands are golden and he likes to play tuff its just that his overall D is still developing that makes me wonder if he will make the step next year or not.

Loktionov is ready as we have all seen but he is just one of those centers who doesn't really merge well into playing on the wing.

Schenn is a center and a real center at that but that also means that he and we are both better served by letting him play in his natural position.

Moller is the dark horse in my opinion as he has proven that he can play and score in the NHL and he has done an excellent job at developing his D game. He has worked hard and paid his dues and if he doesn't deserve a chance this coming season (providing he is still with us) then the entire system should be called out and made to explain exactly why.

Weal is still two to three seasons of development away in my opinion from being considered for NHL play. He is either on or off and at times he looks like a serious steal of his draft and at other times he looks average. Im not sold that he will become an NHL caliber forward but maybe.

We have other prospects but to me that point is that we actually are in good enough shape and that is without going into again our depth in goal or our ridiculous depth on the blue line to make a deal to fill our seriously obvious need for a fast talented sniper type up on our top three.

Not a soft sometimes player who is in and out of the line up causing havoc both to his team mates but also to a management team that clearly appears to be unable to handle such dificulties.

Not a big slow sometimes great sometimes good but all to often fair winger.

But we are in position to make an offer on a Parise or a Malkin type of player and it wouldn't kill us.

In my opinion there really isn't any 1 player on our team with the exception of DD that is untouchable but, for the first time that I can honestly remember as a Kings fan, we are deep enough and on a solid enough path to where before we offer any of our assets we need to be certain that we have what we need to take the next step at becoming a true contender when the deal is done.

So again, its obvious that I am confused and that is why I am just going to watch the team and spend the next couple of months out watching some of the players for the coming draft in person and getting a feel for which ones I think will become NHL players.

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