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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
C-Mac has been a very pleasant surprise but if he wants more than 1 year and over 2.5 million on his contract I just don`t see him being in the Leafs plans.

Looking towards making the Leafs a contender they need to address there forward needs. The two biggest being a big net presence who can play on the top 2 lines winger and a top 2 line center (preferably number 1 center).

For addressing the big net presence C-Mac will probably be the odd man out because Kessel and Kulemin are far more valuable than him. Lupul is unmovable with his contract and actually has higher upside.

Even if we can`t get that big net presence by next season C-Mac may also not fit into the plans because Colborne and Kadri could be challenging him for that spot.
So there is a good chance C-Mac becomes a third line option. Except he really isn`t built to be a checker and would also be very expensive in that role.

Plus there is UFA options to replace him with that will get around 3 million like Ryder, Williams, Cole, Leino. You can make a case that C-Mac is more valuable than any of these guys but not a 1st and 2nd rounder much better if that is available in a trade.

We would be selling C-Mac at probably the highest value he will ever have and gaining draft picks which will only increase in value after the deadline which Burke can use to draft players or most likely trade for a high end center.
There's something that you have to consider -- at $2.25m, you can problably afford to stick Joffery Lupul on the 3rd line and get somewhat of an offensive catalyst there. At $3m, you may not be able to do that, which is where you have to consider whether or not it's in your best interest to part with a 26 year old player who is your leading point-getter.

The whole "selling while his value is high" notion is also extremely overplayed on these boards. Every player is fairly valued at all times, it's only the value to his team that changes. For MacArthur, he's valued based on the fact that he's only had 1 good year, so his value would go up with a repeat performance, or down with a bad year. The big thing that may make his value higher to other teams is his cap hit for this year, which really isn't all that relevant to Toronto down the stretch. They've got enough cap space to make practically any addition they want.

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