Thread: Rumor: Adam Foote to the Flyers?
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02-25-2011, 01:09 AM
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Those who say Foote won't leave Denver, you are right, he won't. If he is traded somewhere it will be for one last kick at the can. He won't move his family, he will just ride out the two or so months then call it quits and come home.

I think the odds are slim that he goes, and he clearly won't fetch anything other than a late pick or no name prospect... but in the right situation he could prove to be a valuable asset. (i.e. as a 6th defender who plays 12-14 min per night) Philly would seem to be a great fit.

Don't just assume that because he came back to Denver for a few years and said he regretted leaving he won't rent himself out for a few months. Big difference between going somewhere for a few years and a playoff run.

Clearly, the ball is in his court in regards to requesting a trade.... and I don't think the Avs will ask him outright to waive it... but I could see Sherman or perhaps moreso PL approaching Adam and asking him if he would like a chance to win a cup somewhere. If he says no thanks, that would be the end of it... but if he said he would be willing to do so, I imagine management would do their best to send him where he wanted to go.

Also, regarding Philly...I imagine Adam has spent at least some time around Peter Forsberg in the last month or so... From all reports, Peter enjoyed his time there... could have come up in conversation that it would be a good place to go if Foote wanted to get into the playoffs.

If he did go, I would wish him all the luck in the world and be rooting for him.

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