Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs Lose to Leafs 5-4
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02-25-2011, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I didn't see the game...

but can someone please explain to me what Eller/Pouliot/Desharnais/White did to earn such paltry ice time?

Eller was, imo, the best forward on the ice in Calgary, played well in Vancouver, and gets rewarded with sub-10min of ice time?

Pouliot was really starting to play well the last 2-3 weeks, takes a very questionable penalty vs Vcr, and now he's relegated to the sub 10min group?

White is one of the only players to consistently play the body aggressively, yet he gets 8min of ice time?

Meanwhile Gomez, who is in such a funk that even opposing beat-writers notice his moping around the rink (Vcr province article), has been completely ineffective for weeks, yet he still gets 20+ min of ice time?

What the ******** is Martin trying to prove?

I honestly have not see the game, the only highlight I caught was a goal where a Laff scored from the slot on a pass from down low, where the defensive centre was clearly at fault for not picking him up, and who skates into the picture as the Laffs are lifting their arms in celebration... #11.

we lose by 1 goal.

how is that mistake not more reprehensible than Pouliot's minor shove that led to a dive and a penalty vs Vcr...

I don't get it.

Can someone (preferably not an eternal optimist/ "the coaches/management can do no wrong b/c they are the pros and they know best" type of poster) PLEASE explain to me what logic or rational could possibly be behind Martin's approach.

early in the season, at least you could make the argument that he was trying to get the veterans going, but at this point, he needs to give the guys that are playing the best the most opportunities.

Anyone who has followed the flames this year can attest to the difference in approach applied by Sutter.
On the flames, the guys who are playing the hardest and who are the most effective, get more ice time.
That meant that even while they were losing, you often saw their 4th line guys getting quality minutes late in games.
some media guys and tons of fans complained incessantly... thing is that it played a HUGE factor in their turn around.
the players (from the top down) finally understood that if you do things well, you get rewarded.
Eventually the top players started doing things as well as the bottom players, and surprise surprise, they were even more effective than the bottom guys, and the team started winning.

what push does Gomez really have to be better, when no matter what he does he knows he's got his 20min and pp time?

what message does that send to the rest of the team?

Martin, for all the great work he does in certain aspects of the game, is slowly but surely showing exactly why he wasn't able to lead a stacked team to any real success...
Martin simply plays favorites. Always has, always will sadly.

Martin is terribly uncomfortable giving much of a chance to young, relatively inexperienced players, and will keep going back to his trusted vets no matter what.

He also doesn't seem to grasp the concept that when you're down by a goal late in the third, you don't throw out a gassed old Hammer instead of your top offensive D.

Martin's a pretty good coach as long as most thing's go to the initial gameplan, but he's not good at adjusting to the sort of high octane offense game that this was.

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