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02-25-2011, 03:35 AM
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There's at least one guy like this in every low-level league (the one in mine called a girl the c word in a recent game, sparking a bench-clearing incident. Fun!). It's no fun being teammates with them either.

First of all, talk to him. Honestly, it sounds to me like he's not that skilled and is taking full advantage of the fact that collisions are allowed in low-level leagues because a lot of players aren't fantastic skaters. He could either be doing that purposefully because he likes contact or he could have just realized he's not good enough with his stick or feet to win puck battles on the boards, so he goes in for the contact.

Or he could just be a tool. There's always that possibility.

If he continues to do it, talk to your coach or captain. If he's going to do this every time, then they need to have a more serious talk with him. It's one thing to accidentally steamroll a newbie (I've had it done to me and I've done it as well), but it's another to continue to do it once the skill level gap is established. Guys like that can be dangerous because when you crash uncontrolled into the ice or boards, there's always a risk of injury like a concussion or busted ankle.

As far as immediate retaliation, the easiest is probably a light slash to the back of the ankle or leg. Those areas are unpadded, and while a light slash won't actually hurt anything, it can sting enough to show your displeasure.

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