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Originally Posted by two out of three View Post
Update if anyone cares:

Even right now it is still pretty damn swollen. No pain though, but still have to be careful. Anyways, they discovered I also had a "Testicular Hematoma." Which I don't really know what that means, but it has to do with blood.
Hematoma is a fancy name for big, three-dimensional bruise, usually still in liquid or semi-clotted form, that's not at the surface of your skin like we think of with typical bruises. Usually it's in a muscle with sports injuries, though it can be in any space that's not open like the abdomen or lung.

They are notable because they don't always reabsorb easily and sometimes they have to be physically drained or surgically so they don't calcify (ala Cam Neely's thing) or cut off circulation to the areas around them.

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