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02-25-2011, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Aside from his 10 top-10 scoring finishes in the PCHA, Dunderdale had good seasons in the MHL (where Tommy Phillips played) as well as the NHA and CHA (which was a spin-off of the ECAHA and joined the NHA after a half season).
I don't think counting as deep as the top-10 in a split league scenario makes much sense. Dunderdale led the PCHA in goalscoring three times. He finished 3rd once and 4th once. That's basically his offensive peak, because he wasn't any kind of playmaker in an all-time sense. I have no idea about these "good" seasons in the MHL and CHA, but they most likely add only to his non-peak longevity.

Dunderdale is a good pick here and I think a comparable goal-scoring centerman to Joe Nieuwendyk with an extra physical dimension and without the playoff credentials, but let's not make his non-peak offensive seasons out to be something they're not. Placing in the bottom part of the top-10 in PCHA scoring is basically meaningless. There were only 12 regular forwards in the league most seasons. Also, where do you get the idea that playing rover qualifies a skater to play any forward position? The rover was like a more defensive center. The position had almost nothing, whatsoever, to do with playing on the wing. In modern hockey, Dunderdale would be a center.

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