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02-25-2011, 07:24 AM
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V82, I agree we need to make some moves. My question is, why certain moves haven't already been made.

1. Why have we been playing Franson over Blum exactly? Last nights game proved that in over 100 games in the NHL Franson still sucks mightily and in Blum's second game he looked like a seasoned vet. Anyone remember a young defenseman coming in to play Trotz's system and looking so at ease out there? He pinched a bunch but always did it in the right situation. He played a little physical which is more than Franson ever does and he's 40-50 pounds lighter. He skates well and is positionally sound. He made some great takeaways with positioning last night. Everything about his game made me go, dang, this kid is good and why haven't we seen him before this week. All the talk of he still wasn't ready is BS IMO. He is ready and he was our third best defenseman, if not our top defenseman on the ice last night.

2. Trade Franson and get some help up front, not that we're going to get a lot for him but package him with some other "talent" that we have and hope other teams overvalue him.

3. Send SOB to Trotz's office and get him playing a simple game again. When he does that he's effective but he tries to be cute he makes poor decisions with the puck.

4. Poile and the owners need to go to Trotz's office after he's done with SOB and tell him to get his head out of his proverbial arse. No offense but when you're down 2-0 with 6:30 to go in the game you don't send out Smithson's line. We had one line generating chances last night, Fisher's line. After a while it stopped because Chicago noticed this and was able to shut them down. No one else could do anything of any worth but every so often. At this point, Trotz either needs to adjust his rotation and go with different match ups OR heaven forbid, switch his lines around. When he finally did, late in the third, we started generating chances again. Amazing but as always with Trotz, a little too late.

5. As someone said earlier and I've been adamant about, stick up for your teammates. Klein gets slewfooted and is left to lay there with no retribution on our part. Suter gets laid out by Doan a few nights ago and nothing. If you're a team, stand up for one another. Notice how Hornqvist hasn't been getting into his little trysts in front of the net lately? He hasn't been there. Why? Probably because he's tired of getting face washed and no one backing his play.

6. Did I mention trade Franson?

7. Since Blum is obviously ready, why not bring up Josi as well. Here's the thinking. People said Blum wasn't ready, he is. They also say Josi isn't ready. Josi has been tearing it up in Milwaukee and if I'm not mistaken, they were paired together. Hmmmmm, pair them together at this level and have at it. Josi has been said to be the best defenseman to come through Milwaukee, ever. Weber and Suter were there and to draw that comparison at this stage says a lot about his game. Even if we don't bring up Josi, sit Franson, keep playing Blum with Klein, put Sulzer back in the lineup with SOB and go from there. Or pair Blum with SOB and Klein with Sulzer or however you want to do it but make sure Blum is the one getting the most minutes out of any of those 4.

8. I had something else to add but it escaped me so I'm done for now.

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