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02-25-2011, 10:10 AM
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Every time the Kings score and they show him (them) celebrating, my husband turns to me and says "There's that GUY AGAIN! WTF?" So funny.

At first we assumed it was the same clip being played over and over again, but then realized the people around him changed and so did his jersey. He does the SAME thing every time though (or one of them does).

Did any of you notice last year (I'm not sure about this year because we DVR most games and fast forward through the intermissions) that they played the same video of a Hispanic lady buying a pretzel during intermission before a commercial break? It was played EVERY SINGLE HOME GAME. It took me about 10 games to realize it was the same footage. I was like, "wow, that lady really likes pretzels...oh wait." LOL

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