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02-25-2011, 01:07 PM
Roman Yoshi
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Btw I am shotgunning the next gdt. I was shutout twice from my win last time and I already have a gdt in mind that fits in perfectly with the current situation.

To say I am pissed off about the current situation we find ourselves in would be far from accurate. I am mad enough to have gone on a Mel Gibson rant last night (luckily a perfectly timed party cheered me up). Where is Legwand? Where is Erat? Where is Steve Sullivan? Where is Wilson? Where is Hornqvist? These are the guys that are supposed to be providing goals and right now they are producing about as well as the government is with government shutdown looming ahead in the very near future.

Whatever chemistry this team had has disappeared. Passing is terrible. Power play is terrible but what else is new.

Hornqvist has given up going to the net because no one stands up for him. I can't blame him.

Pekka has to be singing **** you to everyone on his team when they skate by him.

The only positive to all this is Jon Blum, who has blown away everyone's expectations.

If no moves are made between now and Monday to obtain a scorer, I am almost positives we will not make the playoffs. Should this happen, I am going to be livid.

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