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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
... You are looking at failure (the past) and using it to justify the lack of appreciable improvement from one season to the next. For all DL has done, it has resulted in very little, which is the place many of us older fans come from. Results are what count, and just getting in to the playoffs, (rather than going golfing) while necessary to go further, even in consecutive seasons, is not something I'm going to celebrate. Its the bare minimum of what I expect every single year from a team committed to winning.

Let me ask it this way: If the Kings do nothing other than make the playoffs for the next five years, ( one and one each year) is that going to satisfy you? Really? Do you think the fans or the management in Nashville are satisfied every year, and even if they are, this aint Nashville, for crissakes.
Also speaking as an older fan but with a different take on the changes to the Kings and DL's reign. Great post, btw, always enjoy your takes....

To me, the most significant change is not in stats (individual or team), position in the standings, or playoffs (whether won or lost).

The BIGGEST change is in organization and focus. Players and personnel (coaches, etc) are assets and changeable. In the past, any change would change the organization. Now, I know that is different.

For the first time in their existence, the Kings have an organization, from top to bottom, moving in the same direction and focused on the same goal - championships. Player development, scouting, a team culture, game systems - all fit into that goal and focus. That is truly the most important thing. Everything else slots into that concept.

But, to your point, my personal 5 year clock started last year with the playoffs. I expect the team to always make the playoffs and threaten to go deep (one or two series, at least) for the next 10 years. So, I am not so worried if they don't get 100 points a season or into the semi's every year - but they should always make the playoffs and usually get past the first round.

The odds are, given everything that Lombardi and the people around him have accomplished, we will get into the finals and win a cup. Because we have a rock solid foundation.

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