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02-25-2011, 03:21 PM
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The Complete Idiots Guide To Trade Rumors

I was originally going to title this post, “Dear Bruce Garrioch, Please Refrain From Writing Anymore Brad Richards To The Rangers Articles.” The more I thought about it though, the more I felt like I was slaying the acquisition of Brad Richards then I was the media for beating us to death with these stupid rumor pieces. Between the Richards to insert big market here, Iginla to LA, and the Sheldon Souray to anyone who still gives a [expletive], I think it’s about time to slay the media and their fabricated trade rumors.

Where to begin…

If I learned anything about the inner workings of the sports business in my many years employed by a professional sports team, it’s that 90% of what you read about in the press regarding trade rumors, locker room problems, front office issues, etc, is complete and utter bs.

When it comes to trade rumors specifically, there’s essentially four different ways these things usually form.

1. There are rumors that are completely made up like the garbage you read on fourth period, hockey buzz, Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, etc.

2. There are rumors that theoretically make sense due to cap issues, roster needs, but are more disguised as trade ideas as opposed to actual rumors – see Bob Mckenzie of TSN and Pierre Lebrun at ESPN

3. There are rumors that are created when GM’s call rival GM’s to see who is available to understand the market, figure out what someone’s value might be, etc, but no real “trade discussion” has taken place. News of this conversation gets around and eventually leaks to the press, who interpret it as a legitimate “trade discussions,” even though they are not.

4. Then there is my personal favorite and the most common, which is when Bruce Garrioch, or every other writer from the Toronto Globe and Mail, take Pierre Lebrun or McKenzie's trade idea and report them as actual discussion taking place among GM’s.

I’d also like to give honorable mention to rumors that are created when a player’s agent will sit down with a member of the media and anonymously inform them over a cold Blue Moon that their player wants out and would like to go wherever. Warning these rumors occur once in a blue moon, pun intended.

All of this leads me back to the umpteenth time the Brad Richards to the Rangers rumor has been published. This rumor falls into category #4.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post gave man birth to the Brad Richards rumors like a year and half, two years ago suggesting a package built around Rozi would be enough to pluck Richards from the Dallas Stars. The idea (not rumor) wasn’t bad. The Stars were struggling financially, their owner was trying to sell and the team was playing porously.

After trading Gomez to the Canadiens, the Rangers were in need of an elite playmaking center. The Rangers however, chose to sign Gaborik with the money freed up from the Gomez deal and thus eliminated our cap space. Brooks' solution was to trade some package that involved Rozsival, Dubinsky and picks. The deal never happened, end of story.

Oh wait, not so fast says the media. Bruce Garrioch tweaks the original rumor to involve Matt Gilroy this time around and reports it as so. Pierre Lebrun finally gives up on his Jarome Iginla to LA rumor - which he created out of thin air - and reports Garrioch’s Richards rumor. The Hockey News gives its take on the rumor and the next thing you know every website and blog in North America is reporting it. Why on earth did this all happen?

A year and half later, many media "experts" feel the Rangers still need an elite playmaking center even though Sather has at nauseum said he wouldn't trade away his young core.

Hicks is also still having problems finding someone rich enough to buy the Stars and Brad Richards is on the last year of his contract. Instead of the trade including Dubi and Rozi, Matt Gilroy and whatever else we can scrape together is being thrown around. Sounds like a match made in heaven right?

Please, Dallas is going to ask for the moon, the sun, and the stars...well not the Stars, but you know what I mean...

So what’s the moral of this story?

Don’t put so much stake in rumors, because according to the media Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Sheldon Souray, Pavol Demitra in his prime, and Nikolai Khabibulin circa 2002 are all on their way to the Rangers.

What, you aren’t impressed I pulled actual Garrioch Rangers rumors?

Ehh fine, I hope you didn’t forget the Malkin to the LA Kings rumor. I mean that one was just phenomenal reporting.

Look, this really isn’t meant to be taken as a Garrioch or Ottawa Sun take down piece. The point of this post is that if a trade rumor is sourced to the Ottawa Sun, the Toronto Globe and Mail, ESPN, CBC, TSN, The Hockey News, I guess anywhere in Canada, a blog, a rumor website, the NY media, America, planet Earth, then it probably isn’t true.

You want my advice?

Focus on how your team is currently performing and cross the transaction bridge when an actual transaction is posted on an official team website, Facebook, and/or Twitter account. Until then, feel free to read my site.

BTW, I heard Phoenix is going back to Winnipeg, and the Islanders are moving to Kansas City...sources say...

~The Hockey Suit

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