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02-26-2011, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Your talking to a guy that would take Toews and Mike Richards over several guys that outscore them, over guys I would expect to outscore them every year.

This is the type of stuff that builds a winner...a guy that forces everyone to anti up to his intensity any time he's on the ice.
This year... after they just met in the finals.
After the fad from last years playoffs and the one from the year before that and the one from the year before that.

Nobody's been extolling the virtues of Morrow and Doan as the missing piece of a Cup winner for the past decade.

"Leadership" and momentum are unpredictable. During Calgary's Cup run, Iginla had (staged) a fight in every single series and in their post-lockout 2006 1st round exit as well. After each successive fight, the team accomplished less and less.

Counting on a player to change the momentum on your team through physical play is highly unreliable.

Originally Posted by CPhoenixM View Post
In what world is the OHL a much more offensive league? Lando is scoring at pretty much the same pace he has all year. It's not a hot streak and aside from a slight edge in points Lando is better in every way.

Also Lando is clearly the better goalscorer...something that is very important.
In this one?

OHL = 3.65 goals per game
QMJHL = 3.35 goals per game

Full season paces:
Couturier = 44 goals, 117 pts
Landeskog = 51 goals, 95 pts

Adjusted full season paces
Couturier = 44 goals, 117 pts
Landeskog = 46 goals, 87 pts

Last year, full season paces:
Couturier = 41 goals, 96 pts
Landeskog = 27 goals, 51 pts

.... and we don't even have any idea if Couturier is even at full strength yet.

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