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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
This year... after they just met in the finals.
After the fad from last years playoffs and the one from the year before that and the one from the year before that.

Nobody's been extolling the virtues of Morrow and Doan as the missing piece of a Cup winner for the past decade.

"Leadership" and momentum are unpredictable. During Calgary's Cup run, Iginla had (staged) a fight in every single series and in their post-lockout 2006 1st round exit as well. After each successive fight, the team accomplished less and less.

Counting on a player to change the momentum on your team through physical play is highly unreliable.
It's not about physical play. I'd take Morrow now in his prime over other players that outscore him. I never felt like Vinny Lecavalier was a born leader that brought Tampa a Cup.

Toews will remain high on my list even if the Hawks miss the playoffs this year. It's about being a player that can draw on others to follow you and it appears that Landeskog is as high in that as a prospect has been since Toews was lauded as a future captain in 2006. There's a difference when you pick a guy that can not only be a future captain...but can be a captain at 24 years of age of younger, that's a special type of leadership quality to be placed in that position in a room with some 15 year vets. Whether right or wrong, I'm under the impression Landeskog may be capable of that responsibility at an early age.

Alfredsson's a player like that, always lacked it vocally though, he never won a Cup. And yup, you can find it later in the draft like we did with Alfie...but I'm not resting on those odds to find our next captain.

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