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02-26-2011, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
I was literally about to post that!

If I am Colorado (and blowing up the team), I would want someone who can replace Stastny in 2-3 years, as well as a first and a great prospect (most likely a forward or goalie). That being said, I think that if Toronto is really in the thick of things (AKA adding Colborne) then Montreals offer would be something along these lines:

Eller + 1st + Kristo + A.Kost/(A player who is underperforming and could really use a change of scenery...I would say Gomez but )

To me that is an overpayment but you gotta give to get and keeping Stastny away from the leafs IMO makes this an underpayment.
I know no one will probably agree with me, but the logical player to be traded for Stastny is Plekanec. Colorado is blowing up there team, but they're re-tooling not re-building. Also, people think that if we get Stastny, we'll just magically get rid of Gomez. A responsible organization doesn't pick up a huge contract (like Stastny's) without a plan already in place to get rid of another one, and believe me, there is no plan to get rid of Gomez's contract--it's immovable. Anyone who think we'd go into next year paying 3 centers 18.9M a year is just plain dillusional. And it's not even for just next year; it's for 3 years after that. It's simply not economically feasible, and it hinders us from getting better at our key weakspot, the PF position. Imo, Statsny is a legit no.1 center, and Plekanec not so much. Plekanec has a better work ethic and probably plays harder, but when it comes to overall skill and talent, he's not at Statsny's level. All that said, Plekanec bleeds bleu, blanc et rouge, and is the ultimate team player. Add to the fact that the Habs just signed him to a long term deal, and just don't see them dealing him. But if it's not Plekanec, it's nobody: there's simply nobody else in the Habs organization that makes sense to trade in this situation, for both teams.

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