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02-26-2011, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by dynastydays View Post
s7ark, you were relentless in your hate for MacT for screwing Robbie. You said you could honestly see Schremp be a 600g 1300pt NHLer if he returned his skating to the level of his 2006 ability.

Now the day that Schremp hits the waiver wire, you're ragging some guy that made a Hodgson/Francis comparison....

You had that coming dude. For many many years.

Most people here werent around here back when you and BB were terrorizing these boards with Schremp cheerleading, so they mighnt get it...
I accept I have it coming and and not shying away at all. I don't hide from my previous stupid statements. I'm just pointing out that I'm sure every has some stupid posts in their history, and people in glass houses blah blah blah.

I still maintain that MacT didn't use Schremp well. Pouliot and JFJ got chance after chance no matter how they played but Schremp got 7 games. And Schremp's skating in the 2006 camp was better than I've ever seen it before or since. After we sent him back to juniours he put up 41p in his first 10 games and then eased up back into his crappy skating stance from which he's never recovered. But whatever, it's and old and irrelevant argument now and not worth rehashing.

And either way Hodgson = 1798p is worse than Schremp = 1300p. The only reason my post gets remembered is that ******* on CP who's used it as his sig for half a decade. Luckily no one cares about the opinions of people on CP.

So laugh away at my dumb post it it makes you feel smart. It won't bother me in the slightest.

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