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02-26-2011, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
Hey S7ark, you are totally entitled to your previous opinion about Shremp, and I do not see the need for you to have to try to vindicate your previous ideas. I'm not sure why certain posters (you know who you are) are calling you out for posts made at a different time, but I do not agree with those petty tactics. I don't usually butt into someone else's business, but if I were you I'd tell certain posters to f- themselves and find something better to do than rag on about a wrong call on a prospect.
Thanks. I appreciate the support, but to be fair, I was pretty wrong on Schremp so if guys feel the need to get their digs in, so be it. I have been right and wrong in the past, and likely will continue to be so in the future. I've accepted it. I'm not some all knowing fountain of hockey prescience, I just like chatting hockey with like minded people

Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
You know I respect you S7ark. My apologies if that was rubbing it in. I did not recall who said that goal prediction. I actually posted that in a way to show you were not the only one. Honestly you were not the only one. I recall Calder predictions being thrown around as well by some posters.

Oh I didn't take it like that at all. I long ago stopped caring who brought up the Schremp = 1300p thing. Every now and again I get some nice PMs from Flame fans who read my quote on CP and like to try to rub it in. It's water off a duck's back by now.

You have always been a respectful poster, I bear you no animosity from bringing it up.

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