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Originally Posted by antidote View Post
Nice hindsight thread although haven't seen the IBM quote yet - "Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640k of ram!"

The Oilers were able to draft the OHL's leading scorer at 25 and there wasn't a poster on the board who didn't like his lacrosse stuff in the Bears game or the pick-the-golf-ball-out-of-the-air-drive-it-250-down-the-centre stuff. Schrempie's other attraction to lots of us was that in an ocean of "gotta regroup and give 110%" cloneheads, his media quotes were funny and disarmingly direct. He was also a first-on, last-off rink rat who always tossed pucks to kids and was the last one standing signing autographs. In short, a cocky but really likeable personality. What wasn't there to like?

Well, his hamburger and golf summers, his work ethic and his level of play on the ice that never really matched his Junior success. Too bad, so sad that he started out with lots of promise but now ends up being just another unfulfilled hockey player.

If you get your rocks off saying "I told you so" to everyone who went along for the ride, fill your boots. The reality of fandom in all sports, though, is that most of us attach our hopes to rising stars and take credit for our prescience if we're right and suffer along with our fallen hero when the universe doesn't unfold as we believe it should. It's just one of the reasons most of us keep our lifelong interest in sport.
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