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02-26-2011, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
No. He took a loaded World Championship team and lost to freaking Norway or Germany or some other third world hockey country and missed the medals entirely. It was not the Spengler cup, nice try.
I ws just saying I thought he ALSO coached the Spengler cup. Pretty sure he did.

In anycase why does the WC mean anything to you in terms of MacT's coaching. Given his use of systems hockey something like a shortterm stint with players who could care less, and with no time to prepare, is the worst possible measuring stick for his specific abilities. The shout and yell rabble coaches, or coaches that rely on emotional gimmick and short term results are much more suited for that type of short term position. I think Mess was an assistant Coach on the same club afairc. Would that team's failure preclude Mess being a coach?

Give it up, it means nothing.

In what ways was he a better coach?
Better Results, better W/L record. Not hard to follow.

The way he played favourites or the way he dumped on players inexplicably with vague reasons, calling them out in the press for being out of shape of all things. And you were all over Quinn for calling out the effort of garbage like O'Sullivan. Cmon man, lets get real for a second.
Well I can't fathom how you can dislike a coach on the record of making occasional comments about select players vs a coach that did it every other day about select players he didn't even know. Quinn was a clueless windbag here and a conclusion nearly everybody at least at this point agrees with.
I know who I'd rather go to work for. Some guy that actually takes considerable time before calling you out or somebody who does it for ***** and giggles at the spur of a moment and for no clear reason.

The old no forecheck passive defensive system was just an atrocity to watch. Horrible hockey. Our only mistake was not getting rid of him sooner or hiring him in the first place. He isnt even rumoured for coaching openings anymore. That's no coincidence.
What Quinn and Renney have brought since defines horrible. A complete absence of evident coaching. We could have a preprinted lineup order spit out of a computer pregame and pretty much the same result. No line matching, no recognition of who's going, who's not. etc.

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