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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post

Thanks. Pretty much confirms what I thought. Just doesn't seem to have a clue what to do when pressured in own zone.

Man, did he ever even watch NHL hockey? I can't believe some of the stuff he thinks will work here.

Trouble is Omark needs to produce something like a Goal/Game to be an even player.

This is a workable player for a club that doesn't presently care whether it wins or loses games but I don't see this going forward. Also doubt whether Omark is as willing to change his game as he says he is. I question this due to actions I continue to see on the ice.

In the end I think the NHL game will continue to be frustrating for him and in a couple years he's at the end of his last NHL tryout.

People often forget this is the player at age 24. He's this irresponsible defensively at age 24.
What do you mean? Yesterday you said that oilers are keeping omark,how about you?
Its ridicoulus how you make a truth from a rumor! Omark is 24 has played 1.5 years more adult hockey then Mps.Comparing him to schremp is very strange, omark has played and made an impact in the 2 best leauges outside Nhl and are you so naive that you think they not need to play defence there or in the swedish national team then you havent seen much icehockey outside nhl.The thing is you must have matching players to get maximum from omark! He isnt so bad defensively as it looks in the stats, but in a team with the worst defence in the leauge and a smallish c and another rookie trying to adjust to na icehockey its not optimal have to playing in the own zone, and as a winger you shouldnt need to play a c-roll (deep) there.

Ive seen enough from him in nhl and cant see him fail to make a impact here too.

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