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02-26-2011, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by AUS Fan View Post
UNB already has an assistant in Todd Sparks. Mike would NOT fit the GMac mold as an assistant or in any other capacity. I'm not close to the scene as some of you guys, but I think Mike would (and does) make a decent A.D.

In the past I have commented on Mike not being a good communicator and I stand by that. He may not be the best coach in the world, either, but I have seen him after games at SMU or Acadia where they were badly beaten and I know that Mike the man feels the pain of those losses. He does care. And no matter what some of you think of him as a coach or recruiter, he is a good person and deserves better than the hatchet job from some on this thread.

My last word on this subject and I apologize in advance to those I may have upset.
Everything you said is "bang on". Mike wasn't perfect and unfortunately his hard work and caring could not make up for his other traits. I know that some on here are little rough on him (ie. Rantfather) but it is not without some provocation. If you have been patient and loyal with someone for 7 or 8 years and see no results and no returned loyalty, you would snap at some point too. People can only take so much. Mike's record is ultimately what mattered and what (eventually) got noticed. Maybe it was noticed too late, maybe in the nick of time. Time will be the judge of that. Personally I'm not upset with anything you have said.

Okay thanks. As a point of clarification on the female team. We pay a ton of money for those girls from Europe and out west.
As for you, you are a joke. I rank you right up there with FredtFoyle - you are a waste of typing effort - so one sided the Flat Earth Society wouldn't have you.

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