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Originally Posted by Lars Eller Superstar View Post
there are no side effects / death with proper USE / dosage ... the worst steroids is Dianobol because it's so cheap

A guy I know is great friend with Lee Haney and he told me that even though Lee is in good shape and being followed by a doctor and have no heart related problem that you should know what to take IF you really want to go to the next level

Dianobol is the worst steroids because it is one of the cheapest and more damaging on the liver.

If you ever gonna use a steroids you should use DECA , it makes your muscle so much harder and tight looking.

I never used steroids but alot of people use Clenbuterol for cutting

Like any drug , if you abuse it , they are gonna be some side effect ... Like if you abuse the use of Tylenol you will have side effects ! Steroids are no different than any other drug
I am interested in DECA specifically because I just had 2 shoulder surgeries and I am getting back in the gym now. I'm aware of the healing properties associated with it and I'd do just 1 or 2 cycles. I doubt anyone would admit on these forums having used it and I really don't even know who in MTL to even speak to about it but I'm interested

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