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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Well Shaw was certainly not better to hit Tinordi when he was held his head down by the referee...

Just curious to see how Lucic will deal with Tinordi!
Getting ready for the Ruins too!

According to the values that his father would have shown him, I don't see Jared fighting very often.
But according to how his father did in fights, anyone who succeed to make Jared drop the gloves will be in for a serious ride
Anyone has any doubt that his father showed him all the tricks to handle himself...
Mark Tinordi was one tough SOB. if Jarred is 1/3 of the fighter his dad was he's going to be fine. go watch some of Mark fight on YT the one againts Wendel Clark their just throwing bomb after bomb. Another one vs Probert and he get his ass kick but how the heck does he's not go down is beyond me. tough tough tough.

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