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Originally Posted by JWMGT90 View Post
I don't think I'm going to renew my 2 seats in Sec 319 row 15. I just don't see the value at $35 a piece. If I was on a x2 side I'd be in but I just don't think you can move before the select a seat

Anybody have thoughts on this?
If you are looking at it based only on value then you might be right that it is not worth renewing. But if you want to look at it from the perspective of how much you enjoy being at the games and wanting to be in the building for playoff games then I would renew because if the Bruins have a strong playoff run you will not be able to get into the building at your $35 STH price. And you will not be there for future playoff runs.

The best story that I can relate is that after several disappointing Red Sox seasons I considered giving up my Red Sox tickets the last time they had a large price increase. This was before 2004 and if I did not renew I would have missed 2 World Series years and the incredible 2004 Yankees ALCS comeback games.

If you think about it and decide that you really want to be in the building when the Bruins finally get to a Cup finals round then renewing is the decision to make.

I have a pair also in 319 but in a lower row than yours. Mine are $40 and I'm renewing. But I also don't use the balcony seats that much so I'm coming from a different perspective. I have loge seats that I use but I want to keep the balcony under my control in case I get priced out of the loge in future seasons.

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