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02-27-2011, 02:25 PM
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I didn't get to play ice hockey until I was 17.

I always wanted to but my parents wouldn't pay for it.

My school did have a street hockey tournament though which was a lot of fun. Lost both years but oh well. I was pretty mad the second time though because we just played at some stupid park that only had one net so we set up barrels for the other net. It went to OT and the kid shot it really high and the teacher who ran the league called it a goal, even though the kid who shot it high told the teacher himself that he shot it high.

I did at least get to be the hero in one of the games. It went to OT and in the league they did 4 on 4 for 3 minutes, then removed a player every 3 minutes until it was 1 on 1 without a goalie. I lost the faceoff at the one on one point with no goalies and was exhausted but my team wanted me out there. He shot it at hit the barrels we had set up as a net and came right to my stick. I just threw it down to the other net because i was so tired. It looked like it was going to go wide but then the ball slowly curve and went off the post and in. That was my only bright point in my brief childhood hockey career.

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