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Originally Posted by Beaker View Post
Did my second biosignature (if you don't know what that is.... get informed) of the week, went from 12% body fat to 9.8%. Weighed in at 180. Took 9 pounds of lean muscle. During the next couple of days of rest, I might drop a pound or two, due to overcompensation from the muscles, but yes, you do gain that much muscle in a week (5 days). Just get a real trainer. Ex: Clance Laylor (not my trainer, but someone you might recognize, due to him training Subban), or any other certified level 5 PICP coach. If you don't know, now you know. Charles Poliquin, you're a genius. Also, the type of training I just did isn't something you can do everyday. You cycle it. I will most definitely be doing it this summer again. I'll hit the gym again by Thursday, hopefully, if I can walk again

you can't gain that much MUSCLE in a week !! Muscle and weight gain is 2 different thing !! Did you know that ???

Go talk to my trainer Vincent Comtois

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