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Originally Posted by zellthemedic View Post
That's great and all, but what about northern TN?

Clarksville has 115k people alone, not even including Hopkinsville, Oak Grove and Ft. Campbell (With them the number is closer to 200k...). And about only 1% of those people are willing to drive down to Nashville to skate or play hockey, but a huge, huge % more would want to skate.

An ice rink here would bring a huge amount of business.

Let me rephrase. An ice rink in the GOOD part of town. If we had one in the bad part of Clarksville, it'll sink.
Clarksville been rumored at times as well. The thing is ice rinks are very expensive to build and maintain. If a private investor is going to open one up he is going to go with the safest option. The safest option right now is Middle TN since hockey has been developing here for awhile and will continue to develop.

Like you said Clarksville has a larger population but it would take time for hockey to grow there at the grassroots level. In that case the owner would probably have to be willing to lose money for awhile. For reasons like this it has been rumored that the Preds would help private investors build rinks around middle TN and places like Clarksville to jump start hockey at the grassroot level. Dallas did a similar thing years ago and it worked well for them. The problem is of course that would be a very expensive undertaking.

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