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Originally Posted by Rush22 View Post
Having perfect form (getting low) and an efficient wind-up combined with getting good torque into your shaft will beat any weight/gimmick you can come up with.

Also you are not going to score many goals when the goalie will have ample time to react to you swinging that battle ax around. Receiving passes and getting a quick stick on the puck would be awful.

If a heavier stick was an advantage then you would see more NHL defensemen going for that style of stick... but everyone is looking for the lightest stick that has the proper flex to increase velocity on a shot.
I think it could be possible to have a heavy and fast blade if one restores the balance and adds extra weight to the top too. Then again, only Conan would be able to use it

Swords are commonly balanced at 4 fingers from the guard, pretty close to the grip. Any way further down and they become slow.

Another thing to think about is that the stick vibrates upon hitting the puck. I am certain that manufacturers have looked into this, and that they try to create a node on the blade. If you change the balance of the stick you might also destroy such a node.

Btw. to the op, I was just making a joke about the steel spiral, but if one was to make a device for to shoot a puck as hard as possible, then I think a weight on top of a spiral would work well. Of course, it would make for a stick more suitable to golf, but whatever.

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