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02-28-2011, 05:31 AM
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Originally Posted by zellthemedic View Post
Grats to them, but I'm curious to this the first time we've had HS hockey in TN?

I haven't heard of HS hockey in TN before now.
Grats Brentwood (I'm a graduate) And theres been hockey for a while, but like they said. Rinks and motivation are hard to come by. Also, as the sport isn't sanctioned by the school, the players must pay a club fee and provide/pay for ice time and their own equipment normally. Some schools may have programs to help with this, but like Rugby around the Midstate area, it's hard to get kids to come play when it isn't really an official school support. A lot of schools don't sell hockey as a viable option also, no advertisement or exposure tends to lead to kids graduating middle school and not knowing it's even an option to join the club. (I'd love to see this all change). Anyways, grats Brentwood and hopefully hockey takes off in TN and we can start growing home prospects

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