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02-28-2011, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by NJDwoot View Post
I've been having issues when I'm in this situation... I play left wing and shoot right.

So when the puck is in our D zone and one of my D men has the puck I can see that he is planning on throwing it up the boards to me / out of the zone and I think "Crap how do I handle this". Basicly it turns out to be a very awkard situation where I dont produce much of anything.

I'm wondering how I should react to this situation... Sometimes one of there forwards gets to the puck before it gets to me. Sometimes I face the oncoming puck and catch it, in which case I try to turn around and look for a pass/skate it out, and sometimes I try to skate with it so it catches up to me... atempting to breakout of the zone, but nothing ever seems to work that well..

any suggestions?
The best on the off wing in his zone was Steve Larmer. His go to move was a "J" coming back along the boards a little to get the puck on his forehand and "J" his way off the boards a little.

This way he he had the puck on his forehand, huge in your own zone, was facing the middle of the ice and created an angle wherby he could get the puck up the boards on his forehand.

Probably easier for you if you see it a few times. Once you have this down pat, off wing in D zone, you suddenly become one of the most dangerous players on the ice as your stick is facing the midlle of the ice all the time.

Good luck!

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