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02-28-2011, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by cookiecutter View Post
STU Tommie Guy; are you the guy who used to wear the Tommie Mascot suit? or do you just have a big head with very little in it? Those girls from Europe tour every University in Canada looking for someone to pay their way. Do you know what a athletic scolarship costs for an out of country student? No I didn't think you could think that through. Do you think those girls from out west travel all this way to play for nothing? Yeh you probably think they do. You can go to the web and see that STU (we) are one of the most heavily funded female programs in the AUS if not the most...oh sorry you probably can't go to the web, I keep fergettin you probably don't read much out side of Archie Comics. How is veronica these days?
what is your deal with money anyways? And there is no such thing as an athletic scholarship in Canada, this isint the NCAA

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