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Originally Posted by Whoot Whoot View Post
So being the 6th leading scorer on a team faced with this amount of injuries and offensively challenged players is something to boast at? Hardly.

Nor can you claim 22 as being a clutch, the whole team is around this age. We see others performing.

So Del Zotto, Gilroy, Eminger, Drury, Christensen, and a hand ful of other guys have been healthy scratches and you claim Anisimov deserves no such fate? Doesn't seem to make much sense.

THe whole system with this team is getting garbage goals off deflections and rebounds after battles in the corner. And anisimov has lost his battle edge. One game to think it over and to light a fire under his butt once again would be healthy for all.
Look at the players you just named.

Del Zotto- Horrendous defensively, MIA as a powerplay quarterback when hes been in the game, and in my opinion he has to be one of the slowest skaters on the team. Hes 20 years old and eligible to play in Hartford for this season. He needs time to continue developing and come back next year and try again.

Christensen- He is a headcase who has the offensive talent to really become a producer. Severly inconsistent and is not very responsible defensively.

Drury- Hes been injured most of the season, when he's been healthy hes played. He's only been scratched when he was hurt. He's a shell of his former self.

Eminger- A veteran who is inconsistent. Has played many strong games this season but is in a battle for playing time with Gilroy.

Gilroy- A sophomore who isn't very good in his own end. He doesnt show the offensive flair that got him on the team last year. He has been playing better lately but he still needs to improve his all around game. Battles Eminger for playing time.

Anisimov has a different style of play then what you look for in him. He is not a guy who belongs hitting every guy left and right. He's moreso a playmaker with swift moving hands. He has a solid wrist shot as well. His strong point that has always been his strong point was his defensive awareness. That and his hockey sense. For the most part he knows when to go with it and when to hold back. He is still learning that part so i dont get why you would scratch him. Also realize this, Tortorella is more inclined to scratch guys like Christensen, Drury, Eminger, Gilroy then guys like Anisimov because of their youth and willingness to learn the game and become better. You are rushing judgement on his game lately. He still plays a strong game, hes just not that flashy guy your looking for.

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