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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I knew that George Hay and apparently Worters were members of the unofficial All-Star teams selected by GMs, so I searched for them in the archives, and got the full unofficial All-Star team for 1927-28.

Anyone know what other years Worters was supposedly on one of these teams? Or any other player who was on one of these teams? I think it would be easier to find the teams by searching for names of players.

Anyway, the Unofficial All-Star Team of 1927-28, as voted on "by managers of the ten clubs:"

"To Morenz goes the honor of being the only unanimous choice. He was placed at his regular center positions by seven managers and at left wing by three. Just behind him in the balloting is Eddie Shore, rugged Boston defense star with nine first team and one second team vote. Roy Worters, wee goalie of the Pittsburgh Pirates polled seven votes for first team, one for second. Bill Cook, captain of the New York Rangers, is awarded one of the wing positions on the basis of seven first team and three second team ballots."

Article goes on to say that Ching Johnson got 4 votes for 1st team, 4 votes for 2nd. George Hay got 4 votes for 1st Team, 2 votes for 2nd.

First Team:
Goal: Worters (Pittsburgh)
Right Defense: Shore (Boston)
Left Defense: Johnson (NY Rangers)
Center: Morenz (Montreal Canadiens)
Right Wing: Bill Cook (NY Rangers)
Left Wing: Hay (Detroit)

Second Team
Goal: Hainsworth (Canadiens)
Right Defense: Clancy (Ottawa)
Left Defense: Gardner* (Canadiens)
Center: Boucher (NY Rangers)
Right Wing: Oliver (Boston)
Left Wing: Joliat (Canadiens)

*I assume this is a typo and they mean Herb Gardiner. There was no "Gardner" on the Canadiens this season.
Incredible find - the best one of the draft! A lost all-star team, never before seen by the eyes of the ATD.

What's interesting is that with the exception of Boucher over Nighbor for the 2nd team, this imitates the Hart voting very well: Morenz, Worters, Shore, Hay, Johnson, Nighbor.

I'd have loved for this to be from the 1927 or 1930 seasons, then Worters could add another great season to his resume, but I'll take it anyway. It helps him to transcend the bad-team-goalie-getting-hart-votes stigma.

Also interesting - Herb Gardiner's resume getting beefed up a bit.

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