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02-28-2011, 01:08 PM
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In general the first option when you receive the puck at the half boards on a breakout should be to look to your center, who should be breaking out of the zone and ready for your pass. The cross ice pass to the other wing is risky, and back to the d is counter productive, the standard breakout is 2 quick passes, from the d to the wing at the half boards, then from the wing to the C who should be roughly at your own blueline. If there's no good passing option, skate it out if you have space (often not the case, but sometimes the defender will be out of position), or simply chip it off the boards out of your zone if there are really no other options (better safe than sorry, turning it over in your own zone while your teammates are breaking out can be very costly).

As for how to receive the pass on the off wing, it's best if it's tape to tape (to your backhand if you have good hands, but spin to face it and receive on your forehand if you don't). If the dman flings it around the boards you're gonna have to press your body tight against the boards (get your stick ready for weird bounces though) and stop it with your body, then get it on your stick asap and proceed with the above options.

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