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07-24-2005, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by King'sPawn
Hanzal reminds me of Stumpel because they are both:

3. with big bodies (Hanzal is 6'4/6'5; Stumpel is 6'3, I believe)
4. with issues on physical play (both have a tendency to shy away from it despite their large frames)
5. decent with face-offs, where he will be used to take key face-offs.

Granted, I won't be overly disappointed if we do draft him... as there are certainly worse picks at 11... but he just doesn't strike me as the best player available at that point.
Well if you ask me 6'3 and 6'5 is big difference in the NHL you see 6'3 people all over but someone over 6'4 is rare. As for being physical i have some complaints yet as his rating shot up through the year i also heard more and more that he was playing more physical and from a few people i know who have watched him agreed with that - So i's guessing Boyle is the next Stumpel also all the comparissons go just as well. With the Boyle comparison too i guess Bertuzzi is like Stumpel too since thats how he was at that age..... Its takes people with that size time to get used to there body and learn how to use it correctly // So who is the BPA then in your opinion just saying he isnt wont do much which players would you pick before him (Name people who would actually be available)

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