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10-11-2003, 05:45 PM
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Taffe had 2 goals and one assist, not one goal and one assist.

The first two goals werent Lenny's fault. The first was a 2v1 where the cross ice pass was tape to tape and a perfect shot to cap it off.The second was a semi-breakaway where he had MOST of the angle,but not enough to make the save.The third kinda-wasnt-but-kinda-was his fault.The shot came in high and hit his shoulder, he got all caught up in the traffic in front and lost sight of it, it trickled in.

Taffe's second goal was a beauty.He was entering the blueline, the Goalie had 99.9% of the angle cut off.He ripped a quick snapper that hit about one inch inside the far post.I was like "just dump .....heyooo!"

Westrum was very impressive as well. He played with 100% every shift.I believe he had 2 goals as well.

The Ferraros played with alot of heart and effort as well. Diving for loose pucks, diving to hold position in the O end and strong forechecking.

The defense looked awful.I mean AWFUL.

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