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02-28-2011, 03:49 PM
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CM Punk is awesome. I doubt many can match him in a war of words.

CM Punk: "Watching Shawne Merriman of the buffalo bills hit on our divas and strike out, reminds me of the Bills in the Super Bowl. choke."

Shawne Merriman: "I was just giving you guys some hope look like you were struggling by the pool. Sympathy from Lights"

Punk: "If you could get to a QB as fast as you ran after our divas maybe you'd make headlines being a pro bowler and not a creep."

Merriman: "How about I come and deliver a nice special lightsOut ass woopin tonight Costa Rican Style."

Punk: "Clearly, I have defeated you. However, You will have plenty of time to think of a better come back while you ride the bench for another entire season. Good luck getting to the Super Bowl! With love, CM Punk."

Merriman: "Do me a favor turn your little wrestling underwear around and give yourself a wedge - see you later Punk without the CM."

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