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02-28-2011, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by SpeedyLazaro View Post
interesting.. I thought i had to wait until the renewal date had passed

inventory will still be a problem

My friend who bought a 10 game plan in the loge this year confirmed from a rep that he would be able to buy full season tix next week as well. Apparently they are changing things up quite a bit this year. I know last year they waited till the renewal deadline had passed first. Then they allowed existing STH's to add seats...then allowed new STH to come aboard. When I asked about adding seats last week, my rep told me it would be 3 weeks before there was some availability However, since I would be paying the new STH price for any seats I add, I suppose nothing would stop me from buying additional seats next week (a couple weeks earlier with better selection) under a different name. They just wouldn't be attached to my account. In some ways there's actually a advantage to having multiple accounts. Whenever they do special STH offers and giveaways they always specify a max of 1 or 2 per account. You'd automatically have a step up When they offered STH's with a family plan the opportunity for 2 kids to skate on the ice this season it was a max of 2 per account...I have 3 kids. So I had skip it. Same with giveaways etc. I may just add seats under my brother's name with a different rep next week...

See attached price list for new STH's for '11-'12....interesting that some seating categories have no price increase from what some STH paid last year and will pay going forward (see $42 brown sections). However, other sections do have significant increases, like the loge seats 15-20 are now $79 instead of $69. They have never done this before with some sections being the same as existing STH's prices and others with a significant increase. Just goes to show you we have no frigging clue what they are gonna do from one year to the next.

I honestly expect if they make the finals this year (just make it, not win it) and have a strong first 3/4 of the season next year, we will see prices go through the roof. We can then expect to read the quote from Ms. Latimer"Yes, STH prices are rising substantially for next season...I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone"


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