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02-28-2011, 05:58 PM
vadim sharifijanov
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1994 roster/2011 roster

i've been thinking about how invested i've become to this year's team, and especially how i don't think i've loved or cared about a group of guys like this since the group that peaked in '94. and the playoffs haven't even started yet. i can honestly say that i may enjoy watching the sedins play as much as i did watching bure. i never thought i'd say that.

so, thinking about both the role guys play on the team and what they mean to us as fans, i've tried to compare our guys now to the '94 guys. in a few months, will kesler mean as much to us as linden did? we have BC guys but no true hometown boys-- can we love someone on this year's team as our own like we did ronning?


bure and craven/sedins
adams/burrows (is adams+energy and defense; can he step up in OT though?)
courtnall/samuelsson (clutch, playoff experience)
lafayette/malhotra (is lafayette+++)
ronning/raymond (doesn't even begin to cover what ronning brought/meant, but there is the broken hand parallel)
gelinas/hansen (a comparison that's been in my head for weeks now)

and then the spare parts: odjick, antoski, carson, charbonneau, and i believe peca the pressbox/higgins, oreskovich, hodgson, tambellini.

babych/hamhuis (steady)
diduck/bieksa (still don't trust KB as much as diduck; he was a rock)
hedican/ballard (makes me laugh)
glynn/salo (^)
murzyn/alberts (this one's about right)

mclean/luongo (i hope, i wish)
whitmore/schneider (^ but we do have better insurance)

the current team has toughness and defensive ability up and down the lineup that quinn's boys could only dream of. we may have no true momesso or diduck (and definitely no odjick/hunter/antoski) but as a group our current guys more than make up the difference.

also, the difference in skating ability, particularly on the back end, is staggering.

i don't want to jinx anything, but who will we remember as heroes the way we remember mclean, trevor, bure? who will be our OT heroes like adams and courtnall? our unsung heroes like gelinas and diduck? the guys we forgot about, like glynn? will daniel throw a flying elbow at bolland's head?

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