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02-28-2011, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by tfong View Post
What are you smoking?

Those players were from the 7th round that were being pointed out as "useless" picks.

I'm showing you 7th round picks that turn into NHLers.

Btw I would take SKostitsyn over Modin or Strahlman. I think Anton would've been a good fit for us needing a puck mover. Go watch a few Nashville games, SK has been working hard since being traded away from Montreal and he is doing much better now.

You're not even trying to refute my argument that Modin is a useless player or that a 7th rounder is worth something. You're just attempting to disqualify my argument because I've proven you wrong on previous counts now.

My point is that a 7th rounder is worth something, especially to a team with less picks (like the Flames). There were free options available as well like Sturm whom carried a 3.5m cap hit but prorated at deadline I believe it would've worked given we did have some space from Kotalik being sent down as well. What has Modin done lately?
You haven't proven me wrong at all, you said you would take those players listed in your previous post before Modin, I wouldn't. Thats your opinion, not proving me wrong. You think a 7th rounder is more valuable then a depth player for making a playoff push. Your opinion once again, could care less if you devised a list of 8 players drafted in the 7th round in the past 10 years who are average at best.

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