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02-28-2011, 06:59 PM
Johnny Hoxville
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First off, I would of liked to get Boyes as well but it is unlikely that would of happened. Boyes is actually not playing centre any more either, he has been playing wing for the last few seasons. Second, he was basically traded for cap space. He makes 4 million a season and St. Louis basically wanted to unload his contract off of their books. So they had no interest in getting a roster player back in return. I am sure there were other teams who probably would of offered more for him but probably needed to send salary back to St. Louis, Buffalo had the cap space so that is why he went there. But I do think that Boyes would of been a good fit here.

Regarding the Modin trade I think it would of been better to trade a medium level prospect for him over the 7th round draft pick (lord knows we have enough of them in our system). A medium level prospect should be the equivalent to a 7th round pick anyways only they are further along in their devolpment. The only reason I say this is because we are already short 2 draft picks in upcoming draft leaving us a total 4 picks now. We were also short 2 draft picks in last years draft which isn't a great thing either. However, really at the end of the day it is most likely going to be a non factor so I not going to lose any sleep over it. Feaster made a deal that improved the Flames for playoffs and gave up for little in the process. I am sure another move or two will be made in the offseason to aquire a couple of more draft picks. All in all, considering what tradeable assets we have it was a positive day for the Flames.

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