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03-01-2011, 09:46 AM
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... It was a frustrating game to watch last night, for sure.

Quick didn't impress at all. He looked like the goalie he was at the beginning of last season - soft goals allowed, jumpy, feet moving, poor with the puck, too reliant on anticipation. I'm surprised Murray didn't notice what everyone else seemed to see - or if he DID see it, he didn't react, and that's just as bad as not seeing it. Murray has TWO goalies, not one. It's time he cuts out the stupid **** and realizes it.

I have serious doubts about Murray's ability to keep the lines stable after Penner's arrival. It doesn't seem to be a difficult choice; the Smyth-Stoll-Williams line really shouldn't be touched, and Simmonds is starting to heat up - it's a no-brainer, to me, to have him play alongside Penner and Kopitar. Richardson should center the fourth line, and Lewis really shouldn't be out there anymore. I don't see where Lewis offers any redeeming qualities other than "he's a good skater." Craig Johnson was a good skater, too; where did it get him?

I don't know what happened to Stoll's ability to win faceoffs, recently, but he needs to locate that ability - rapidly. Martinez was solid enough, and should have had more time out there last night.

It was a tough night. The Kings can't afford a repeat performance of their last homestand. The team needs to use players that can actually help them win games, and by this time, they should have identified them. They have the talent here. It's time to turn it into results.

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