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07-25-2005, 09:27 AM
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done a little while ago...but i think Novak, Moore, and Lundqvist will be NHL players. I'm not terribly sad to see Novak with another team as I think he'll generally be a somewhat undersized offensive defenseman...useful in his own right but not exactly a guy you MUST have or anything. course the downside is that bure got injured and retired so trading him was eventually useless...oh well

I still think Moore will find a place in the NHL, with the rangers or not. he may be a "filler" guy who can play some time on the second line if needed and not look terribly out of place, drop down to the third line to provide some energy and pop, etc. I think he'll have a career.

Lundqvist of course is the star material of the draft, we'll see how he turns out

as I remember, Richter actually had NHL talent and a shot but basically decided not to pursue a career in the NHL

not a wonderful draft but i'd be happy enough to get Lundqvist out of it as a success

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