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Originally Posted by BruinsHockey74 View Post
I am about 5'9 ( I call myself 5'10) and weigh about 165 and am a defenseman. I have been using a 100 flex stick since the beginning of high school (I am now 18 years old). Every time I get one, I cut it a little bit, naturally, and the flex increases making it stiffer. ( I use a bauer one95)

Last month, I was clocked at 80mph on my first shot, and then 81mph on my second (both slap shots).

My question is, being a defenseman, would it be a good idea to switch to say an 85 or 87 flex stick? Will the extra flex increase the strength of my shot? Or since I have been using a 100 for a long time will it make it weaker? I am considered an offensive defenseman so I feel that a little extra whip in my snap shots would help. Will it make puck handling more difficult? Will I feel the stick bend when I touch the puck? What do you think? Thanks.
I would recommend to going to a slightly lower flex; mid eighties flex would be a good place to start.

I am recommending this because it would behoove a offense minded defenseman. I mean guys like Dan Boyle are probably using a 100+ flex, but then again he's in the show.

If you indeed try a lower flex, that main thing I would recommend is that you give it a fighting chance. Don't take it out to one or two stick and puck sessions or gauge it on one or two games. Use it as much as you can; whether it's a stick/puck or game time. Basically you want to make it your main stick for a couple of months to get used to the softer flex. Like Jarick said, you will need to slow your swing down a bit to let the flex do some work.

Best of luck with going with a lower flex!

FWIW, I play defense and use a 75 flex (about 80'ish after I cut it) and I'm the same height as you (just a bit wider , about 20lbs heavier)

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