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03-01-2011, 01:34 PM
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they could also easily 'grandfather' those bonus $$'s under the new CBA. any contracts and bonus' signed before the new CBA would be exempt. will have to wait and see, but i bet the nhlpa fights for this.

LA centers next year 1-Kopi, 2&3 Stoll, Lokti, Schenn, 4-Lewis

i think both Lokti and Schenn make the club out of camp and rotate in and out of the line up. LA has one more season of Stoll to help mentor both of these kids and should make the most of that time. imo Stoll is a very under rated #2/3 C and his skill level when it comes to face-offs and being a defensive is very good. this needs to be passed on to the kids.

Lokti really started looking good when they moved him back to C and off the wing. he looked to have settled down and wasn't trying to do to much and let the puck/play come to him. when he was on the wing he seemed to often to chase, over skate and get caught out of position. it's because of this i think he will stay at C.

Schenn is even more of a question mark than Lokti, since his time was shorter in LA and was only on the wing.

i think we will see TMu assigning Stoll, Schenn and Lokti up and down the roster as their development progresses.

i wouldn't be surprised to see either one of them or both at some point to play the #4C spot. yep you heard me right. why? it's easier for them to play and focus on one aspect while they adapt to the NHL. they can go out and focus entirely on playing defense and locking down the opponent. in time then they push over to incorporate the offensive side. for starters though it allows them to focus on one thing while they adapt, without overloading them. remember we are talking TMu and his D philosophy and high F3 style of play. again time will tell

i believe though DL will carry both brayden, andrei and oscar (depending on injury, AHL assignment) as the extra forwards next season. it gives them the flexibility to play the middle and cover the wings, while having them being tutored for the C positions.

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