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03-01-2011, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by predwings View Post
Used to be a Red Wings fan, when is was about 5-8 and didn't know much about hockey and Nashville didn't have a team. When we got a team, I fell in love with the Preds. I still respect the Red Wings as a team, but I always want the Preds to win. Hell, I went to the 8-0 game and lost my voice cheering, I know who I love as a team. As far as the GDT is concerned I wasn't sure that I'd be able to post today as I have class from 9:30 am till 2:30 pm then a meeting from 3:00pm till 5:00pm then I need to have my TB test read for student teaching program and the last visit lasted 3 hours before I finally got to see the doctor. Go ahead and make your GDT and let the admin post it up top, I'm not looking for (who got the most posts) I'm just continuing the mojo, I'm not here to make enemies, this is a message board for a hockey team. One that I read for the last 2 years but haven't posted on. I can go back to that if this becomes a problem, but I am betting you're a good guy and just snapped at me because of the thread, if that's the case, I'm sorry I stole your first thread, but I will not apologize for my name. Thank you.
1.) Don't worry about what other people think on here. Who cares.

2.) I think??? they were joking...

3.) Everyone was a fan of a team before the Preds came to town (unless you just started watching hockey when the Preds came). I was a Wings fan before the Preds came to town. Nothing wrong with it.

4.) take a deep breath. Don't take things so personally.

5.) Go Preds!

I am about to watch the next edition of "Oil Country" on NHL Network. Good timing as we are about to play them tonight

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