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03-01-2011, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghills23 View Post
His history. Playing on a Stanley Cup winning team with the all the players you listed. Playing for team U.S.A.

His winning history prior to coming to the Sabres. LLWS, Hobey Baker, NCAA National Championship, Calder Trophy, Stanley Cup, Silver Medal.

You don't win that much by riding peoples coattails.
Being on winning teams doesn't mean you're a proven leader. Being part of the leadership core of those winning teams does.

He was not part of the leadership core or a top player when BU won the NCAA championship in 1995. He was just a freshman that year and was their 10th leading scorer. He became the stud college player in the years after that championship year and won the Hobey Baker 3 years later as a senior in 1998.

In Colorado he was a big contributor in their playoff run as their 3rd line center. But he wasn't part of their leadership core either. He showed a glimpse of what he could be and later became in Buffalo.

What does the Calder have to do with being a leader? It just means you were the best rookie. Is Myers now a leader because he won it?

The Silver Medal in 2002? Drury had 0pts in 6gm. He was 1 of only 2 of the 20 skaters that played in games to be held without a point (A.Miller was the other).

Its not about him riding anyone's coattails. Its about him being in good situations and posters making more of it than is warranted. Giving him credit for things he either had very little to do with (2002 silver), played a minor role in (BU's title) or contributed to while showing his potential but wasn't part of the leadership core (Colorado's Cup win).

Reading the way he is portrayed by some. You would think he won the Hobey Baker award the same year he "carried" BU to the championship. Then won the Calder while carrying Colorado to their Cup. Then he was captain America leading the USA to Silver. None of which is the case.

He was not a proven leader in the NHL when he arrived here. None of the above counters that. He had a lot of individual and team success prior to coming here. But he had never really been a clearcut leader of an NHL team before becoming a Sabre.

++++++++This isn't dissing Drury.++++++

Its pointing out that he put it together here along with Briere. Both of them became better players and became leaders in their time here.

I have no idea what Boyes will become in a Sabres uniform. I'm not expecting him to become the captain or anything. But I'm not willing to write anything off just yet after watching what happened with Briere/Drury in their time here.

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