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10-11-2003, 06:51 PM
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Not the best effort.... so far!

Two periods down, and they blew it so far. Didn't skate in the first, and looked silly in the second with all the PP chances, and no goals. Comrie isn't going to make that kind of difference to win against the good teams, whats needed is a little mental toughness, and alot of hard work. If you won't skate, then you won't win. We spotted the 'nucks a 2-0 lead with a lackluster effort. Don't even bother to make excuses that the 'nucks got the first goal on what should have been a penalty. If the Oilers were skating, it would have never happened to begin with. The Oilers are guilty of letting down, god I get tired of seeing it. Everytime we played a good team last year they did it, thats why we only squeeked in in 8th spot. Newsflash to all the Oilers players, if you try this again this year, you will be golfing early. No playoffs. Better start showing alot more grit and determination. Personally, I am disgusted with this showing.