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07-25-2005, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by GraveyTrain09
1) we are rebuilding. I dont think it would be healthy for the organization to lose 2 draft picks. Sure id love to have an outstanding prospect, but if we can get a bunch of prospects, there will end up being a good player in there.

2)Even when thornton and St. Louis become UFA's, why would they want to move? The lightning are young and amazing(when you have vincent, martin, and richards you better be good) and boston is still a contender, or should be. I dont see them going anywhere.

3)why waste your time? Lets say Lundqvist cant play this year...hes goes to hartford and we see what labarbera has....i dont think it will be much, but you never know(dont forget about him).

4) Um.....Absolutly

PS-What Id like to see happen is the rangers trade Labarbera...His stock could not be higher right now. He's an outstanding goalie in the AHL and we have 2 good prospects who are 1-2 years away(if Lundqvist cant play right now). Why not trade him for a center, a position we despretly need to fill
1) We've gone for the quantity route. It's time for quality.

2) The Bolts will most likley have to lose one of Richards,Vinny or Marty. I'd look at which ever one it is (probably not Vinny). Personally, I'd want Richards over either one of them.

3) I have no rpoblem going into this seaon with a Weekes/Lab tandem. I don't think that Labs will have NHL success but it should be a serviceable duo for the short term.

4) Why not.

What do you really think Labarbera is going to get you? He's at best a serviceable NHL backup. He's been very good in the AHL but most teams already have a guy like Labarbera.

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