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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
Sans context, it's a crappy reason for sure. But the context is always going to be the alternative ways of distributing that $6m among various positions. And that's where a 2nd pairing guy making $6m will probably not be the most effective way of spending that money. For sure, you're limited by the players and trades that are actually available, so maybe you won't find a better alternaive, but generally speaking..

Of course, that's a big initial assumption. I think the next season and two playoff runs will give us a lot of useful information, so I think it's fine to wait. But if there was a good offer, I'd be willing to listen.
I understand the principle that it can be smart to deal from strength. But my point is that this:

1st pairing: $6m - $2.75m
2nd Pairing $2m - $3m no better or worse than this:

1st pairing: $2m - 3m
2nd pairing: $6m - $2.75m

... if both pairings are capable of playing 20+ minutes a night. Simply declaring Green 2nd pairing because other guys get better is foolish, IMO. If you're trading Green, you're trading a 1st pairing defensemen. Own that. If it's the right thing to do, salary and everything else considered, then it's the right thing to do. If it's not, it's not.

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